Design and Installation Photo Gallery

Regrading and Surfacing Driveway To Provide Turn Around and a Smooth Transition into Garage.


Installing Gravel Path over Commercial Grade Filter Fabric to Shop.


Installing 30 foot Diameter Dry Pond, Loop Pathway, and Thundercloud Pine. Owner Will Enjoy Planting and Mulching Filter Fabriced Areas.


Rock Detailing of Dry River Bed.


Installing Dry River Bed and Pathway. We Integrated it into Existing Roof Drainage System.











Another Dry River Bed Installation.


Planting Details For Dry River Bed.


Installing Paving Stone Sidewalk Over Our Dry River Bed. Note Planting Soil For Owners Future Planting.


A Heart Shaped Rest Area Along a Residential Path.


Simple Stairway and Railing Installed in Residential Pathway.


Preparing 400 foot Premium Soil Planting Strip for a Lumber Company.


Trenching for Commercial Landscaping Project.


Preparing Planting Area With Premium Planting Mix. Note Regrading for Smooth Driving Area and Ease of Mowing.


Installing 250 feet of Plants In Commercial Landscaping.


Plants Were Designed to Stay Below Signage and Provide Sight Distance at Intersection Per State And County Regulations.